About DiCenzo Homes

Upon arriving in Hamilton from Italy in 1952, Tony DiCenzo, founder of DiCenzo Homes, began pursuing his dream of becoming a builder. Working nights at the local steel mill afforded him the ability to spend his daylight hours building his first home, and the dream soon became reality.

Over 60 years later, DiCenzo Construction is now among the largest land owners and developers in southern Ontario. It is widely recognized for its commitment to quality design and construction excellence, as originally established by Tony on his very first build.

DiCenzo Construction has helped shape the landscape of Hamilton and its surrounding areas with an impressive mix of hi-rise rental buildings and single-family homes. The DiCenzo team of award-winning architects, engineers and craftspeople are dedicated to ensuring that each home is as unique and irreplaceable as the families who live in them.

Today, the next generation of family members, led by Anthony DiCenzo, has brought the family tradition to a new level, knowing that every new home should be both the realization of a dream, and an investment in the future.

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